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November 17, 2010

An unexpected detour into the dance world.

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    I was thinking about what to add for my next installment on the countdown, and happened across a post from a good friend stating how unhappy, pissed off, angry, furious she was that Bristol Palin didn’t get kicked off Dancing with the Stars last night.  She ranted that Brandy should have made it and that the show was fixed….nothing that hasn’t been said before by other people.  I’ve kept quiet (I know, gasp gasp) because I have held the opposite opinion and frankly, I’m glad Bristol made it into the final, and I’ve even voted for her via the internet. Several times.I happen to be of the camp that I’m disgusted they let professional dancers on the show, like the pussycat doll who won last year. I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that. The show is supposed to be about non-dancers teaming up with pro dancers to learn how to dance and see who can emerge the best of the lot. It happened in season two with that sports guy, can’t remember his name, and everyone was all happy happy because no one could have predicted he would win, he couldn’t even follow the steps on the first night. Happened with the gymnast two seasons ago and everyone was happy happy. At the beginning of this season, even I scoffed and initially questioned the reasoning behind inviting Bristol Palin to be one of the contestants.  She couldn’t dance, couldn’t perform in front a crowd, had no acting talent, which is a huge part of portraying the emotions in some of the dances…but then I thought about it and duh.  Isn’t that what the show is all about?  Okay, she isn’t a “celebrity”  but then neither was Steve Whatzizname from the software company.

    She also isn’t her mother. We’re not watching Sarah Palin dance or Sarah Palin try to get votes. If the stumbling block is her having a child at 17, well okay, shit happens. Kids make mistakes, they get pregnant and have kids when they shouldn’t, so just because she has a famous mother, do we crucify this kid more than any other kid who makes the same mistake? Every season there has been someone controversial thrown into the mix, undoubtedly for that reason, the controversy. There was Steve Whatzizname, there was that idiot with the 8 kids last season, that stupid big  rap singer one year who had a hissy fit and wouldn’t even wear the right shoes. So okay, this year they chose Bristol Palin for the *huh* factor, but you know what? She didn’t play on her “celebrity” status, such as it was. She didn’t throw hissy fits and threaten to walk off the show because people didn’t understand her and had no sympathy. She left her baby behind for four months (think of your own sons and daughters and ask yourself if they would do that) she didn’t even fly down, she drove a truck. She showed up every day for seven hours of dance training, seven days a week, doing something she admitted she had never done before and yes, those first few weeks you could see that she didn’t know her left foot from her right foot.  But she stood there and took all the criticism the judges could throw at her and I only saw her break down once, when she didn’t think the cameras were on her. How many divas from the past seasons thumped out of there whining and bitching about low marks? How many did we see arguing on camera with the pros, trying to tell them what to do. The diva with all the kids even pushed a pro far enough he was ready to walk off the show. Compare them to a kid who shakes, she’s so nervous, who is NOT accustomed to being in front of a camera or a crowded room…what other contestant on the show this season or any other can say that? The diva with the kids lived with a camera in her house for two years. The sports celebs play in front of crowds and TV cameras all the time. The gymnast played before billions who watched the Olympics.  Even the software guy has been surrounded by crowds and cameras.

    Then there is the complaint about Brandy not making it. Well Duh. She’s a whiny, spoiled diva and I, for one, gave a little hoot when she lost out to Palin last night. She EXPECTED to make the final. She said in an interview that she did DWTS to give her career another kickstart because she’s had a bit of bad luck and gotten a bad rap in the tabloids the last couple of years. Well boo farking hoo. She was a child star, basically, who knew exactly how to play to the cameras. She’s all ha ha ha backstage, but as soon as the camera is on her, she has those big freaking puppy dog eyes for the judges. Of course she could dance, she did music videos like the pussycat babe last year, so she knew her left foot from her right foot from day one. If she had nosed out Palin then *I* would have said the damned show was rigged, because take a look at the top two contendters…Jennifer Gray, who has also danced before,and has had a lagging career the past few years, and Brandy, who has danced before and has had a lagging career in the past few years. Duh.

    Sorry folks, but I guess I have the unpopular opinion that I hope Bristol wins the whole damned thing. I like Jennifer, and she’s worked hard and she can certainly dance circles around everyone else, but she still has her diva moments…how many times has she played to the camera that she doesn’t think her poor body can stand up to another twirl or turn, but then she comes out on dance night looking like a pro, smiling and laughing off her sore knee and sore neck?  NOT that I’m saying those two things are not real and serious, but hey…I have a bad neck and I wouldn’t be able to do half the shit she’s doing, and I have bad knees and I sure as crap would have had to stop long ago if it was as serious as she was making out. And what happened to the bad knee this past week? Seems to be a different injury in a different part of the body each week when the cameras are in the practice room, but then you never hear about it again.

    Bristol came into it scared shitless. She has no idea how to act, which is probably why her expression seems to be “detached”  when she’s dancing. Her steps, if you watch closely, are precise and hardly ever screw up because she’s practiced and practiced and practiced. She takes the crap from the judges and the press…and criticisms that should have had her in tears every week, but she just seems to pull up her socks and try harder.

    Go ahead, throw pies or tomatoes, but my lucky fingers are going to be wiggling up a storm because I hope she wins the whole damned thing.

    Oh, and by the way, at no time did I say Bristol could actually dance well….lol…I just said she tries hard and does the best she can with what she has.  And if you look at videos from her first dance, to her latest dance, the difference/improvement is astounding.


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