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December 7, 2010

Pop Quiz

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I used to hate pop quizzes in school.  We had a teacher in high school who would drone on and on about something no one cared anything about then suddenly say:  okay, you have 60 seconds to write down the answer.  Then he’d ask a question about what he had just been droning on about, and if you managed to actually answer it correctly, you got bonus points on the midterm exam.  He snickered a lot and we groaned a lot. Bummer.  However, being older and wiser and knowing I drone on a lot here *snicker* I’ll put forth a pop quiz question and those who answer it correctly will get a coupon for 25% off the Smashwords edition of The Wind and the Sea.  That’s like almost a whole buck just to tell me….

What are my two favorite Errol Flynn movies?

email me at with the answer


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