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December 18, 2010

The Day after the Night before

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Perogie night went spledidly.  Dinner was cleared away…made the boys do the washing up after a nice big roast beef dinner (I know enough to butter them all up beforehand) since the girls would be doing the perogies.  They had a flash of brief excitement when a plastic perogie-maker was pulled triumphantly out of a hidden pocket, but the euphoria was short-lived.  The dufus worked somewhat like an omlet pan, hinged in the middle with two halves that closed together and supposedly pinched the dough firmly shut.  Looked good, seemed to work until they went into the boiling water, but that’s where they fell apart.  So…dejected, the adrenalin rush gone, they shlepped back to the island counter (yes, the DIL had to come and see for her own eyes that it didn’t work…she thought I was tricking her just to be mean) and carried on by hand.  She also grumbled that it seemed to be a never-ending pot of mashed tater-cheese mixture, because the level never seemed to be going down even though she was filling and folding and pinching her fingers off.  I swear she even lifted the pot to make sure it wasn’t being magically injected with more filling from below. LOL

Three hours later we were finished, the kitchen table covered in ziplock bags full of hot, buttered perogies cooling so they could be sealed and frozen. The plate of broken or misshaped ones had been devoured by the kids and the Clone.  Avon Boy will nibble on a perogie on Boxing Day, but he doesn’t usually go out of his way to pre-test.  I recall the first big Boxing Day dinner he attended…watching platters full of strange-looking foodstuffs pass by, his eyes wide with horror.  Kevin is a strictly meat and potato guy.  It honestly took him about ten years to try a perogie.  I don’t think he’s ever tried a cabbage roll.  I love him dearly but I don’t think he’d survive a week in a true Polish household.  One look at pickled herring would probably put him under the table.

Speaking of cabbage rolls, today would normally have been Cabbage Roll Day, but my knee took a beating yesterday, what with cooking up dinner and cooking up the various fillings for the perogies, then standing at the stove for three hours boiling and frying them….so I’m taking today off to rest the sucker.  I have time, I think.  I still have the shiskabobs, which take an afternoon, the saurcraut, which cooks slowly all day but always tastes better when it’s been done ahead–ditto with the cabbage rolls.  The munchkins will be here Monday and Tuesday so I’m sure the Diva will help me make more cookies, since they ate most of the red velvet cookies last night “testing” them.  Yah right.



  1. Speaking of sauerkraut, my friend just made a batch of German Runzas for me. Had never heard of them before, and I’m part German (well, Pennsylvania Dutch, which is basically German). I thought my gram had made me everything German-ish there was to eat, but somehow she missed this one. They’re like little round bread/pastry puffs stuffed with sauerkraut and ground meat. Fantastic! Well, that is except for the heartburn I got because I ate 3 of them *grin*. I couldn’t stop–they’re addictive like eating potato chips. But very good! If you’ve never had them–and enjoy sauerkraut–I’ll get her recipe for you.

    Comment by JavaQueen — December 18, 2010 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

  2. Woo hoo…yeah. I love anything with saurkraut (cept figuring out how to spell it). I used to have a recipe for saurkraut balls, with sausage and cream cheese and kraut and other stuffs, all rolled into bit size balls and dipped in spiced crumbs, then lightly deep fried. They were to die for.

    Comment by marshacanham — December 18, 2010 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

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