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December 28, 2010

Everything is done but the dishes

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Whew!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I took yesterday off and did NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing.  Didn’t even get dressed, just shlepped around the house in my jammies and housecoat, vegged out in front of the TV, noshed leftovers, glared at the dogs each time they made me get up to let them out.

I had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  It started Christmas Eve at the Clone’s house, eating and drinking merrily till nearly midnight, when I collapsed in bed (Payton and I were roomies, and I was so tired her snoring didn’t even bother me)  Santa came, of course, and in the morning it was Austin who poked his head into the room and whispered:  ARE YOU GUYS AWAKE YET?

Mental note to myself:  next year, take coffee with me, since no one in their household drinks it.

I sipped herbal tea and watched the kids open presents.  Santa even filled a stocking for me, which was a surprise.  Then off I went home to stuff and put turkey #1 into the oven.

The past 15 or so Christmas Day’s have been spent with my cousin and his family.  They arrived around 6 (they always get invited for 3, so I know they should be here by 6…if I invited for 6, they wouldn’t get here until 8, so it all works out *snort*).  We had a great time, as usual, and as in other years, the tradition of exchanging goofy gifts continued.  Estelle gets me cow stuff and I get her pig stuff.  We were sitting there this year trying to remember exactly how it got started, and neither of us could remember;  we just know we’ve been doing it for a long time.  It’s truly amazing how many things come in cow or pig form…this year, for example, I got cow mugs with udders for little legs, and lovely grinning cow-shaped platters.  I managed to find a pig shaped bagel toaster for Estelle, along with a lovely pig shaped platter (snap) and various whisks, tongs, etc all with pigs on the handles.

Boxing Day is the family/friends day, and the Clone arrived with Michelle and the munchkins around 1-ish, followed by Avon Boy and his family.  It took nearly two hours to wade through all the gifts and try to see what everyone else was getting, whilst noshing on snacks and sipping at the same time.  I was nearly brought to tears several times by the gifts they all gave me…way too much, of course, but when I said so they all just snorted at me.  Wonder where they got that from?

Friends started arriving around 4.  Turkey #2 was timed to be ready for 6, so we had plenty of time to dent the shrimp and cheese trays *g*   Out came the perogies, the cabbage rolls, the shishkebobs.  I even remembered to take the corn out of the microwave this year woo hoo, rather than finding it the next morning. After everyone waddled away from the dinner table, there was another round of gift exchanging to go along with dessert.  Thankfully I had cleaner-uppers so the majority of the dishes were done and all the leftovers put away or sent away in zip locks.

There was still a tidy clutter in the morning, which I totally ignored.  I woke up, made coffee, and vegged on the sofa all day.  Would do the same today if I had my druthers, but…there are sales out there, folks and I’m not one to miss sales *s*  So I’m heading out shortly to hit a few stores and see what’s left over from the Boxing Day sales.  If the parking lots are crazy, I may turn around and head back because the last thing I want is to bang into people with shopping carts.  I tend to get a little feisty when people ram into me, so I ram them back.  Shopping cart rage.  Yup, that’s me glaring.

At least I don’t have to cook for another week or so.  I do have to pull out all my recipes for turkey leftovers, however.  LOL



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  1. I hear you! I hit the wall last night, after three days of an extended Christmas. My brother caught an absolutely wonderful cold a few days before Christmas and wasn’t up to celebrating Christmas Day. He was somewhat better Christma Eve, and we held gift opening number 2 then, and more yesterday.

    Once the house was quiet last night, I downloaded China Rose to my new ereader!! I still have my paperback copy but it was great re-reading it again after many years…and on my new ereader!!!

    And I won’t be doing much more than that today. :o)

    Comment by Jill Metcalf — December 28, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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