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January 9, 2011

Strolling down memory lane

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Actually, I was just cleaning out some picture files and moving them over to the external hard drive to try to clear up some space.  I’m usually pretty quick doing it, but sometimes the files build up and I’m adding things and downloading funnies off youtube and it all adds up.  Suddenly the puter rears up and says:  Whoa!  Too much info!  and slows to a crawl when I want to do *stuff*.

All this leads up to some fun pics I found while rummaging and deleting and moving.  Mostly pics of my grandkids, because they were never camera-shy LOL.  My all time fav…I refuse to move off the main PC because I chuckle every time I see it, and for the longest time it was my screen saver.

Coming in a close second is Austin riding his motorcycle with his *buzz lightyear helmet*

He used to wear that *helmet* everywhere…running around the house, playing outside, driving in his battery-operated Ferrari.  Occasionally he would put snacks in it and eat them first, then put the helmet on, but it was never very far.

And here’s a cutie of Payton…

That year she just watched her brother play soccer;  the past two summers, she’s been on the field *g*

Another early favorite of the two of them…

Flash forward a few summers…they’re still doing things together, just not sure what LOL


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