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February 6, 2011

Save a tree, read an e-book

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No, I’m not a tree hugger, but I saw that in another blog and thought it worthwhile to repeat *g*.  I also read that the writer of the blog’s daughter has started reading 4-5 books a week since she got her Kindle for Christmas, which gives hope to those of us who have kids (my kid is turning 38 this year) who only read maybe a book a year, and then only if it has to do with sports and has pictures *snort*

So here I am in sunny (well, it was yesterday) Florida, having escaped the icy, snow-drifted landscape of the frozen north.  My brother in law and I drove down after the BIG storm blew through last Wednesday and before a second storm hit yesterday.  Hah.  The roads all the way down were clear, no traffic since we did a big chunk of the driving overnight and timed our meals and stops during rush hours if we were close to major cities.  We yakked and laughed all the way down, which made the time fly.  A die hard golfer, he was out on the driving range the first day, has plans to go out every day until he flies back.

I have plans to write.  Brought all my notes and WIP on my flash drive, and since the internet is spotty here, I won’t be tempted to surf instead of work.  I have a garden to plant too, and painting to be done, but ….nah….the muse wants me to write, so write I will.

I did want to post a thank you to all the readers who have found my books again.  I am both thrilled and humbled at the same time.  I entered into this ebook experiment hoping for just enough sales to let me think I hadn’t been completely forgotten through my 6 year hiatus.  Last month I found myself in the 1000K club over at Amazon…1000 sales in one month…a lofty goal, and to achieve it was amazing, so I thank everyone who has ventured into the realm of ebooks.  I plan on buying my own Kindle while I’m down here in sunny (well, it was yesterday) Florida…and if it’s as good as it appears to be I may pick up two more for the grandkids.  Reading is reading, regardless of the medium.  I still have my select authors that I buy in hardcover, and probably always will, but the notion of being able to slip a slim ereader into a purse and carry a few thousand books around with me at any given time, is too tempting to resist.



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  1. Yeah, Kindle is great! I bought one in April and I’ve read 111 books wich makes an average of 12 plus books a month. I’ve always read a lot but with this gadget I can read more because it’s with me all the time and every minute I got I can read.
    Have a nice time there in the sun (even if it was yesterday). Here, near Montreal we had a big load of the white s**t last night.

    Comment by Susana — February 6, 2011 @ 4:29 pm | Reply

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