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May 11, 2011

No wonder I write Historical Romances

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The workings of the 21st century are obviously far beyond this dinosaur’s scope of understanding.  I prefer the simple things in life.  A good cup of coffee.  Only took me 14..count em…FOURTEEN coffee makers to find one that made a good cup without having to consult the manual each time and fiddle with a dozen buttons.  I’ve had it for about 6 years now, and having said that, the jinx is likely in place and it should crash and burn by the end of the week *snort*

I like to just click a button and have the TV come on.  Cool.  Interesting concept.  I have four converters by my TV chair and two by my bed, none of which work independently from the others.   One turns the damned thing on, the other works the damned satellite–which is, in itself fodder for an entire blog.  I used to enjoy my subscription to TV Guide.  I could open it to a page and instantly see what was on, read up a little blurb or two…click and find the station.  Some genius must have thought that was too easy.  There are now a thousand satellite stations to wade through, most of them duplicated a few hundred numbers apart to distinguish HD from non-HD.  There are packages and pay per view and even if you get it all figured out where to find stuff, they keep changing the channels around to make room for more.  Our first TV had three stations.  My TV in Florida works off an antenna and gets the major networks and I survived!  Well, apart from the fact I could only get NBC in the bedroom, which meant I usually fell asleep halfway through a program.

Won’t even go into DVD’s and Blurays and Wii thingies and surroundsound dufii that have to be hooked up and co-ordinated with the main TV…ergo the third and fourth converter.  Get an All-In-One?  Sure. And a degree in rocket science to know how to use one.

Then we come to the reason for this vent.  My loving family bought me a new E-reader for Mothers Day. I ripped it open, could hardly wait to start playing with it.  I’ve been wanting to get my hands on  The Fifth Witness since it came out last month and thought AHA…how fitting the first book should be that.  Flipped open the *easy* to use instructions and after charging up the battery…I spent TWO FREAKING HOURS trying to decipher the *easy* instructions and was no further ahead than when I started.  Did Google searches, did the website searches…loaded something that said it would make it work and spent an hour trying to UNinstall it when it nearly seized up my puter. Why can’t they just be plug and play?  Why does my brain have to explode before I can get it to work?  It’s sitting here on my desk looking at me in all it’s elegant splendor, waiting for my techie son in law to explode his brain matter getting it to work.

Meanwhile, I discovered Tweetdeck, which is one little marvel that actually WERKS without having to tax any more gray matter.

Augh. Just Augh.

On a brighter note, the boys of summer are back and Austin’s first game is tonight.  AND my son cut my grass today so the dog can actually walk out on the lawn and not get lost for days.  Caught this pic of my pin cherry tree and a busy bee being busy *g*.  Maybe spring really IS here.




  1. I understand what you are going through. That’s why when I decided to go ereading I bought a Kindle,because it’s very easy to use not really for geeky people which I am decidedly not.
    Good luck

    Comment by Susana — May 11, 2011 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  2. I had a Kindle IN MY HAND in Florida, but the problem with Kindles up here North of the 49th is that if something goes wrong with it, we have to shlep it back to the States. Whereas Nooks and Pandigitals and Sonys we can buy here and return no problem. This was a gift, so I couldn’t exactly be choosy *g* And now that I’ve finally managed to download my first book WOOO HOOOO I’m sure it will get easier. I hope. Maybe.

    Comment by marshacanham — May 11, 2011 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  3. I like your rant about the TV. I think I started writing years ago because we lost our cable (could not afford it). We had 4 channels (the horror) including one Canadian station that actually showed nudity (the husband was happy) and did not have as many commercials. Since I knew the only shows I watched were on Tuesday, I had plenty of time to write.
    Even now that we have a satelite (and yes we have three remotes also) along with Encore and STARZ I still find there is NOTHING on TV.
    I feel your frustration with your gift because for some reason our Blu-Ray player is tempermental and only plays certain movies. It is very frustrating when you just want to put in a movie and watch it but instead you have turn it off, turn it on, open and close it and it might work. Then other days you put a movie in and it works fine. Yes it is enough to make me run screaming out into the road but I reframe. Hopefully, your son in law can get your straightened out.
    Oh and I think spring finally hit here too. Possibly 80 today.

    Comment by Juliet — May 12, 2011 @ 12:53 pm | Reply

  4. I am glad that you could download your first book, hope that now things will work well with your new ereader.

    Comment by Susana — May 12, 2011 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

  5. I have to laugh. I ask the same thing, feel the same way you do about technology. So do people over 50, unless you have brilliant children who work for Best Buy, like my friend does…they teach her everything, and she tries…(tries.) to impart her knowledge to me. You are not alone…and yes, that is why I write historical novels.

    Comment by Patti — May 13, 2011 @ 12:43 pm | Reply

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