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December 19, 2011

More Canham Christmas Goodies

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So my family was over for dinner on Friday…it’s a weekly tradition. I pick up the kids from school then the parental units file in between 5 and 6 from their various points of work–the son and daughter in law, the adopted son in law and daughter in law–and we all sit around, gab, catch up on weekly events…and eat. It’s a day I look forward to every week because the 3 grandkids fill the house with noise and music, and play Wii and wrestle. And I get to cook, which is something I don’t do as much now that Stupid has…well…turned Stupid.

Friday last, I hauled out the Christmas Cake, freshly made. As previously mentioned, the recipe had vanished for quite a few years…since my dad passed away, actually. I was reminded by my son that that was the last time I made it, the last Christmas he was with us. The Chief used to love the cake, and cut huge big chunks of it when no one was looking. (namely my mother, who went through a health food phase and didn’t cook anything that didn’t have wheat germ in it. She also banished all the booze in the house and he liked coming to my house for dinner because I filled his waterglass (and mine) with vodka. ) And because Jefferson adored him and did pretty much everything the Chief did, he used to snork down huge pieces of it too.

Anyway. Friday. Jefferson at first says he’s too full to have any cake, but he watches the grandkids dig into it and the DIL have a piece, so he relented and asked for some.  He took a bite and got a funny little smile on his face. When I asked what the smile was about he said:  tastes just like I remember it. I won’t swear to it, but I thought I saw a little tear in his eye.

So today I’m making Canham Christmas recipe number two, another lost-and-now-found recipe that went into the same folder as the Christmas Cake. It may sound unusual when you see the list of ingredients, but trust me…it’s yummy.  And not one single person who ever ate it–and everyone used to swan over it–guessed what it was made of.  BONUS…it’s a no bake recipe so even I couldn’t screw it up LOL

Faith in hand, dear readers, try this out at home. You won’t be disappointed.

Canham Cream of Wheat Squares.

2 cups of milk

6 tblsps cream of wheat (not the instant stuff)

1 cup unsweetened butter

3/4 cup sugar (or splenda)

1 tsp peppermint extract (if you don’t like peppermint you can use vanilla or almond, or toss the extract and go for the amaretto)

graham crackers.

1 cup chocolate chips or wafers

1 tblsp butter


Bring the milk to a gentle boil and add the cream of wheat, cook until thickened.

Cream the butter and sugar, add the mint extract

Line a baking pan (8×10 or whatever is closest. 8×8 is a bit small unless you like your slices thick) with whole graham crackers

Pour the cream of wheat mixture on top

Add another layer of the graham crackers

Melt the chocolate and the tbsp of butter and spread or drizzle it on top.

Cover and refrigerate at least overnight so the graham crackers absorb some of the moisture and soften.



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