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May 19, 2013

Another pithy update on the New Digs.

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I am literally wiped out most of the time these days. Finally down to a few dozen boxes instead of a few hundred, and half of those I can’t get to cuz they’re in the garage. Cabinet Guy says he’ll be finished SOON and he’ll clear some of the crap out of there so I might have a chance of finding stuff that’s missing. I can see some of the errant boxes if I squint into the gloom of the shelves in the garage and read the son’s writing on the sides. My good wine glasses, for instance. LOL. Where else would you put a box that has FRAGILE written all over the sides, and MOM’S GOOD GLASSES, and CARRY AT OWN PERIL?  Yeah, I’d stick that in a cramped little garage *snort*.

Landscaping Guy is moving like a dervish. Five days work and he’s torn out all the scraggly trees and overgrown 40 yr old ugly shrubs and dug up at least two dozen stumps and root balls, cleared a bazillion weeds, and turned the earth in three gardens. He’s had me running almost as fast to buy plants and shrubs and trees to replace the old stuff, but I now have three new, loverly gardens and he’s starting around the side and back next week. He’s leaving the deck and stairs and icky rock gardens to the last, and I don’t blame him. Big jobs. But knowing Mikey, he’ll zoom through them like shit through a duck. Probably not a good metaphor, but it works for me. LOL

I also went out and bought myself a Big Girl drill with bits and everything. Always wanted to play with a drill but Stupid would never let me. Now I have a big honker all charged up and ready to do stuff. I also have my very own electric lawn mower. Not saying I know how to use it, and not saying I will…isn’t that why we have sons and grandsons???

MOST of the rooms are finished. My office and bedroom furniture was permanently fixed and fitted on Friday, the doors balanced and the crown moulding restored. Even have my keyboard shelf attached again. Woo hoo. There were a few setbacks in other rooms. I had him take apart the bathroom pocket door cuz it didn’t work…I couldn’t reach the water shut-offs and that made me freak a little. He’s redoing a section of the fireplace surround as well to fix something that was bugging me. And I’ll need to get a Plumber Guy in cuz with all these gardens going in, the old farmhouse pump and well just isn’t cutting it. After Landscaping Guy finishes planting, my job is to water, but as I found out yesterday, there isn’t enough pressure in the pump to work a sprinkler. Most of the outside taps are cracked and leaky, which sorta gives me an idea why, if the idiots who lived here before me couldn’t be bothered to fix anything, why the gardens and lawns are in such an ugly state. Does NOT explain how they could live here for at least four years with the smell of raw sewage from unvented and wrongly installed drainage pipes in the basement. Or how they could fail to notice, if not smell, the inch thick mouse crap that was everywhere. Or how they could fail to notice that someone had disconnected the heating vent to the bathroom and simply rerouted it into the family room instead of installing new vents. It’s a good thing I don’t winter here because the heating system sucks, the floors are like ice in the newer half of the kitchen and the family room addition. The latter can be explained by the fact the underneath of the family room is completely open. I had squirrels taking up residence under there last week, scuffling around under the floorboards and driving Suzie nuts. Four bags of moth balls took care of that temporarily, but that’s another job Landscaping Guy is going to tackle next week. Even before I moved in, my son closed up all the open air highways leading inside through the foundation and stopped the mouse problem; hopefully Mikey can block up all the highways leading under the family room.

Oh, and I found a basement window I didn’t know was there…and a third chimney. Also found the old coal shute.  Now if I could just find those wine glasses…..



  1. Can’t wait to see everything on Saturday. But a warning…better find those special wine glasses before the Hand and Foot Cult descends on Saturday. You know how we refuse to drink wine from cheap glasses! LOL.

    Comment by Carolyn — May 19, 2013 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

  2. A basement window you didn’t know was there… Wow, I wish I were a mystery writer, or a Rom. Susp. writer. I could have as much fun with that as with a secret passage. Esp. since there’s also a coal chute. For ingress or egress? For the imperiled or the imperiler? Oh, the possiblities…

    Comment by judyinthejungle — May 19, 2013 @ 7:28 pm | Reply

  3. Just so you know, down south in California, my friends are complaining about their cats bringing in snakes. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like cats:) Once you find the wine glasses, life will be good again.

    Comment by Southern Belle — May 19, 2013 @ 11:45 pm | Reply

  4. My goodness! Well, many kudos to Landscaping Dervish. He sounds like a winner – your overall experts not always seeming to come up to snuff so clearly.

    And you now have power tools. *grin* Sounds like a license for creative experimentation.

    Here’s hoping that the plumbing and heating and airway issues can be resolved without loss of life, breath, or floorspace.

    Comment by Sandi — May 26, 2013 @ 11:02 am | Reply

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